Android Devices Winning the Online Gambling War

android-gamesThe battle between proprietary and open-source systems is in full swing, but the latest results show that Android, which is distributed under Apache License, is winning. From what we’ve seen, it pays to be on the winning side and play live casino games with Paddy Power on your Android device, it’s a terrific experience.

Purchased by Google in 2005, there’s no doubt that Android is swiftly closing the popularity gap – iPhone is no longer an undisputed leader.

The question on everyone lips is why is this the case. After all, Apple had a head start and iPhone and iPad devices are slick, modern, and marketed through the roof. As it turns out, some people are fed up with the proprietary, tightly controlled technologies, and are asking for more freedom, and Android is happy to oblige.

Even a simple action like changing you iPhone battery requires sending the device to the Apple service. The owners of iPad are paying through the nose if they want to have some extra memory. Simply stick in a USB device? Sorry, folks, iPad does not support USB, unbelievable but true.

Personally, I’ve had an Android phone from day one, and I am truly enjoying the variety of gambling games I can play. And it keeps getting better and better!


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