Guide to Casino Bonuses

Long have passed the days when you play only as much as you personally can afford.  There is a tried and true feature of the gambling world, land based as well as online and it comes in the shape of casino bonuses.


What are casino bonuses, you may ask. Well, some might call casino bonuses free money, but that is not entirely true. Casino bonuses are a form of marketing, and the kind that profits the players as well. These players are granted bonuses for various things, judged by various criteria, but basically there are two most famous casino bonuses almost everyone has heard of. These are:

  • Sing up bonus, and
  • No deposit bonus.

The sign up bonus is granted to a player that might become a loyal customer of the establishment. In order to receive this plentiful bounty, the consumer must open a gambling account in the casino of his choice.

But if the player is just playing through and doesn’t want to commit to a particular casino for an extended period of time, and wants to save a few bucks by gambling without his own money, then he is likely to choose the charming no deposit bonus. No hassle, no sign up, and that is how it starts.

But like I said, bonuses are not free money, which is why casinos often include some sort of limitation on your winnings. What does that mean? Well, to avoid the risk of momentarily going out of business, casinos impose limitations to the withdrawal amount, meaning you can’t withdraw all of the money you’ve won if it exceeds this limit.

Should you even bother with casino bonuses then? Definitely. Just as casinos keep issuing bonuses, you should keep using them. Not all of them, of course, but the bonuses that suit you and your level of interest.

Make sure the bonuses and the casinos behind them are verified. You can do this by reading online reviews and looking up their certificate. A legitimate casino will treat you a lot more honestly than a rogue one.

Casinos are trying to promote themselves by giving you a chance to play some of their games without losing any of your money, or minimizing your loss and prolonging your experience in the wonderful world of casino games.

You are in your right and should take full advantage of the casino bonuses available to you. How many times have you though: " I’m not going to play games in a casino, simply because I cannot afford them. And even if I could afford a game or two, I would lose all of my money immediately and wouldn’t get to enjoy  it".

Here is where the bonuses come in. They effectively extend your play time and not only that. The bigger the wager the greater the win. It is certainly something worth considering.

Hopefully this guide has prepared you for some of the things you might expect when dealing with casino bonuses. We wish you  safe gaming and plenty of good luck.


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