Mobile Memories

It wasn’t long ago that so called ‘yuppies’ were driving around length and breadth of Britain in their executive saloons selling office filling systems to the then infantile yet ever growing service industries. However what makes that rather dull statement more interesting is that every one of these ‘yuppies’ either had an up to date, flashy looking car-phone or a big heavy portable device that resembled, using a well coined term, a ‘brick’.


These men and women were frankly envied, they were pioneers of the mobile phone revolution, users of high frequency magic. They had the forefather of today’s modern mobile technology in their hands, they just didn’t know it at the time.
In the same era, games such as the original Donkey Kong and Tetris also blew the minds of everyone who set eyes on such feats of technological wonders. It was an era of discovery and excitement.

We can all, those that were around, look back at the days when life seemed more exciting and simple but in actual fact it was rather dull. If Twitter was around at the time we may have seen Mikhail Gorbachev take a selfie with President George H. W. Bush as the Berlin Wall fell. We may have read Maggie Thatcher tweeting her declaration of war with Argentina or seen Maradona’s ‘hand of God’ trend all over Twitter.

Throughout the years, technological advancements have improved our daily experiences and Mobile gambling sites like Fortune Frenzy are no strangers to improving the user experience of their legion of fans.
By taking the user to an almost life-like recreation of the casino, Fortune Frenzy’s mobile experience is nothing short of pioneering itself.

With liquid, HD graphics and bold clean interfaces, Fortune Frenzy gives the user the best seat at the high rollers table all in the palm of their hands. 30 years ago, all this would have been unimaginable, impossible even. Yet Fortune Frenzy have managed to harness the power of today’s mobile phone technology and produce an experience envied by native apps and none users alike.

Although Mashable allude to the idea that mobile phones way back were seen as a gimmick, Fortune Frenzy and there creation is anything but. With over 20 Quality games to choose from and a plethora of fantastic and generous jackpots, Fortune Frenzy is the real deal.

Unlike the customer service issues which plagued the emerging car-phone industry Fortune Frenzy have nailed the customer experience to a fine art. Multiple points of contact are available for those in need of help or advice with aim to keep the game moving.
Fortune Frenzy has set itself out as a leader in a competitive industry, first to try out new ideas and never happy with just ok. It’s a stella gaming platform for any generation.


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