Poker Surface: Combining Mobile Phones and a Multi-Touch Surface in Interactive Card Games

Conceptually, based on interactions in traditional card games, our poker game application explores different natural ways of interaction, including touching the table as well as tilting, throwing, and shaking a mobile phone. By translating traditional gestures into the digital domain, we provide a use case to discuss useful gestures combing mobile phones with tabletop surfaces, as well as to explore a private-public display setting for digital card games at interactive tables. Additionally, the mobile phone provides the tangible feeling similar to physical cards. The preliminary user study showed that users preferred using mobile phones for interaction compared with direct interaction on multi-touch table. Further information can be find in . The project is done in Pervasive Computing and User Interface Engineering group at University of Duisburg Essen (
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8 Responses to “Poker Surface: Combining Mobile Phones and a Multi-Touch Surface in Interactive Card Games”

  1. HaxorLee says:

    Laggy piece of shit it is.

  2. Philip1337 says:

    This looks really cool! needs some improvements still but it’s very nice 😀

  3. berndahr says:

    @vosszaa: the user, created with the cellular at the beginning, is the “Player” on the left side (you can compare the cards between 0:58 and 1:10)
    The cellular which is used to throw the cards of “Bernd” (bottom user) away is another cellular. If you look more precisily you can see for a small moment (~2:11) that there are the same cards (K and 7) on the throwing cellular.

  4. vosszaa says:

    When he look at the cards on the phone it shows 5 and 6 but how come when he fold it shows K and 7?

  5. BRUC1ATO says:

    all it needs is to be as good as the sensitivity of an iphone
    then it would be really cool
    this one looks a bit laggy and as a poker player it would give me the shits very quickly

  6. em3rica89 says:

    this is pretty damn cool

  7. alirezasahami says:

    thanks the team for the great job 🙂

  8. to1986 says:

    wow…when are you going to release this?