Review: Gaems G155 Mobile Gaming Station (Xbox 360 & PS3)

Netflix: Product Website: Get my Official SoldierKnowsBest Apps: iPhone: Android: FaceBook Fan Page: New Gaming Channel: Twitter: Website: In this episode, I review the Gaems G155 mobile gaming station that allows you to take your Xbox 360 or PS3 on the road with you to play anytime, anywhere.


15 Responses to “Review: Gaems G155 Mobile Gaming Station (Xbox 360 & PS3)”

  1. drakken05 says:

    Yes, it comes with a 7′ HDMI cable

  2. NEOSOLAIRIS says:


    Yeah true $300 would get me a nicer screen. The only reason the get
    One would be for LAN partying.

  3. GHOSTofWAR223 says:

    @NEOSOLAIRIS Just stay home.

  4. GHOSTofWAR223 says:

    @MrCRZYSTORM Ever hear of an inverter?

  5. MrCRZYSTORM says:

    but isnt it portable like in the car there is no power outlet ?????

  6. idlemind00 says:

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  7. underlinedben says:

    Pretty damn cool…

  8. ErickElizondo says:

    wtf 300 dollars!?!?!?!?!?

  9. weskerslonglostbro1O says:

    Buy a gaming laptop and a wireless hotspot. PROBLEM SOLVED

  10. NEOSOLAIRIS says:

    It would be epic if it had( at the very least) a four hour battery for full portability.

  11. Hissingcash123 says:

    @DanMetalHead1 you can get a car adapter??? its extremely portable

  12. DanMetalHead1 says:

    what is the point of playing xbox in the car if there are no power outlets to hook up both the console and the mobile gaming station? i really dont consider this portable unless you take it over to your friend’s house to play CoD or whatever games you have if he doesnt have a tv or video game console

  13. PHILLYBL0WS says:

    Do Turtle Breach headsets work with this?

  14. darcyoz1 says:

    i don’t get it, whats the point of buying this if i can’t play it on the plane? i may aswel just buy a carrying case for it and put my ps3 in it….

  15. GengarHoppip says:

    is there a car charger available?