Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are springing all over the world, and are no longer restricted to English, allowing the players to get exactly what they want. German, French, Swedish? No problem. Vietnamese? Take a look at m88a and it has all the information you need to know to gamble online.

To help you better understand what’s on offer when you’re deciding on your online casino, let’s take a look at different kinds on bonuses…

Casino Bonus

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus, also known as the Sign-up Bonus or the Deposit Bonus, is probably something you come across a lot these days.

Quite simply, that’s the amount of cash the casino is willing to part with to entice you to sign up, and it typically matches the amount you’re depositing, even though in particularly generous situations, it can be even greater.

Does it mean that you can simply collect your Welcome Bonus and withdrew it into your bank account? Not immediately – every online casino stipulates how many games you need to play before you can withdraw your bonus, and there might be other conditions. Knowledge is power, always be informed.

How big is the welcome bonus? The amount varies from casino to casino and can be as low as $100 or as big as $8,000, or anything in -between. Understandably, casinos rarely offer larger welcome bonuses.

This is the bonus you only get once, so making a bigger deposit gives you a bigger matching bonus.


When you play slots, video poker and other games, hitting the jackpot may mean tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Progressive jackpots accumulate over time and can reach huge amounts.

Think about it – just one lucky spin, and you’re rich!

Comp Points

Comp Points reward the player for playing more. They are sometimes called Loyalty Bonuses.

How does it work? Every time you deposit a certain amount or every time you play a certain number of games, you’re awarded Comp Points, which can be exchanged for playing credits or cash.

Happy Hour

Just like pubs may offer drinks at half price at the certain times, Happy Hour has found its way into online gambling.

Depositing or playing during the designated hours entitle you to receive the prizes or playing credits that are not available at other times.

Reload Bonus

While you only get your Welcome Bonus one, on your first deposit, Reload Bonus is something that you receive on your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent deposits. The more Reload Bonuses there are the better off you are.

Similar to the Welcome Bonus, with the Reload Bonus you’ll need to play the certain number of games before you can make the full use of it.

Promo Events

Every now and then you may encounter promo events that give you particularly good bonuses and playing conditions. Casinos offer them to attract new players or to reward their existing players for their loyalty.

You only enjoy these while the promotion is on, and it’s definitely worth keeping en eye on those.



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